Sergei Aleksandrov versus Chico Kwasi – time flies, knees also.

European K1 Champion and runner up in World K1 Championship in Thailand Sergei Aleksandrov faced the 19-years old Dutch phenom Chico Kwasi for the Spartacus Fighting Championship Welterweight Muay Thai Belt. Both fighters crossed fire in SFC 6 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Chico Kwasi, representing the well known Mike’s Gym, and Sergei Aleksandrov showcased a lot will power and determination to win. The championship bout held fight fans in Armeec Arena, Sofia and the ones in front of their TV’s on the edge of their seat with non – stop action and dynamics.

The fighters opened the bout with low kicks and front kicks in the mid section. Chico Kwasi decided to make a statement early in the fight with a flying knee, which is a favourite technique of his, but Sergei reacted on time and countered with a left hook. However, both fighters hit the ground.

As soon as they stood up, Sergei charged Chico, eager to show his opponent he is not someone to mess with.

Sergei Aleksandrov wanted so desperately to catch his opponent with a clean shot, that he almost lost balance and stumbled, when attempting a full power one→two combination.

Despite his constant pressure, Sergei wasn’t landing a lot of significant shots on his opponent. Most of his flurries of punches were landing in Chico’s gloves.

Just before the end of Round 1, pressed against the cage, Chico Kwasi made a brilliant side step and opened himself an angle for a beautiful right knee to the head of Aleksandrov.

The Bulgarian hit the canvas after that devastating knee, but he stood up as a true warrior and continued the fight.

Sergei Aleksandrov started Round 2 not so recklessly. Was he still stunned from the knee to the head, we could no clearly tell. He was showing no signs of weakness.

Gaining confidence and momentum, Chico Kwasi started throwing more often knees and the Remy Bonjasky-ish flying knees, with a switch in mid-air.

Despite getting a lot of damage, Sergei did not back out and continued to press forward. His will power and stubbornness were not enough to win him the fight, though. Chico’s combinations of mixing punches and knees looked tremendous and Sergei Aleksandrov could not find the right answer to them.

The Bulgarian K1 Champion hit the ground for a second time this fight, after a knee to the body, followed by a vicious left uppercut and a right hand.

Sergei Aleksandrov got back to his feet again. He had no intentions of giving up. However, his corner decided that the fighter has taken enough damage and threw in the towel.

The 19-years old Chico Kwasi defenced his Welterweight K1 title from last year and he is continuing to be a SFC champion. Right after the bout ended, Sergei agreed with the ring announcer that he fought a bit too recklessly and led by his desire to knock his opponent out in Round 1.

Despite the outcome of the fight, this writer believes that we should give credit to both fighters for the amazing show they put on. A re-match between these two will be definitely a must watch.

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